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yarn preperation


We source yarns from the best spinning mills in our country and check for different characteristics of fibres and the type of spinning processes. The objective is to get high-quality yarns, smooth, durable with minimum imperfections.
These high-quality yarns (greige) are given for dyeing to transform the yarns(greige) to coloured yarns through the use of colour substances, dyes. The factors to be considered to obtain a perfect dyeing uniformity are, the penetration of the dye and stability. It is essential that the fabric retains the original colour even after repeated washings.



Following yarn procurement and dyeing, the weaving process enables the yarn to intersect together to become fabrics. When the weft yarn crosses the warp yarn the fabric is created, a synthesis between the quality of the raw material, the creativity of the design, the structure and the experience of the weaver.



The textile finishing is the group of treatments to which the fabric is subjected to improve the dyeability, printability, hydrophilicity, colour, handle and final appearance.
The soft finish is given to our fabrics required for garments to ensure sustainability and comfort. For customers with specific finish requirements, we also have options for Anti-pilling, Anti-static, Moisture management, Ultra Violet Protection etc.



After returning from finishing the fabric is checked under the magnifying glass, where the inspector checks for defects.
Once controlled 100%, the fabric is cut and packaged according to customer requirements so that fabrics supplied to them meet their specifications and standards.